How to use Budget Mate

The easy household budgeting tool

Are you fed up with your household income being swallowed up by bills every month? We know how that feels.

We developed Budget Mate because we’d lost control of our finances. Our debt kept growing and every time we spent money, our stress grew too.

Budget Mate is an easy household budgeting tool that helps you pay off your debt and start saving.

We trialled it over 4 years and shared it with some of our friends. It worked so well for all of us, we want to share it with you too.

How does Budget Mate work?

We know the hardest part of any budget is getting started, so we designed Budget Mate to be easy to use.

Like all budgets, you need to prepare your list of bills and outgoings–prioritise your essential items like mortgage, rent, food and utilities.


Create your Budget Mate account with a secure user name and password.


Enter your list of bills and outgoings to create a Budget Mate expense account for each one–your budget plan is complete.


Input your bank account and credit card balances, and your credit limit.


Enter your income and watch as the program disperses it across all your expenses at the push of a button.

That’s it – you’re all set.

All you need now is a few minutes each day to update your income or outgoings.

Every time you have a buying decision – check Budget Mate first and you can see what money you have available.

Why Budget Mate is the simple budgeting solution :


Set up your budget plan once–edit it whenever your circumstances or goals change


You only need one bank account and one credit card – you can simplify your finances


Access Budget Mate from any device – phone, tablet, laptop or desktop


Update your transactions in a few minutes a day – quick and easy to maintain and track


Enter your income amount and watch Budget Mate disperse it across all your expenses at the push of a button – it’s quick and accurate with no risk of data entry errors


Check your financial position at a glance – no more accidental overspending


Take the guesswork and emotion out of spending decisions because the money is either there – or it isn’t. If it’s not there, you can’t make the purchase – no arguments


Use the bank’s money for free but avoid credit card interest – pay for your living costs with your credit card but clear the balance each month


Choice of 2 subscriptions


Free subscription with a maximum of 10 expense accounts


Paid premium subscription with unlimited expense accounts

The Best Price For You

Ready to get on top of your finances?

Budget Mate features to simplify your money management

No one wants to spend hours each day managing their budget – these features make updating your income and outgoings each day quick and easy.

Bank Account

Enter transactions that go in and out of your Bank Account like purchases, direct debits, incomes and deposits.

Credit Card

Enter transactions that go in and out of your Credit Card like purchases, direct debits, incomes and deposits.

My Money

See exactly how much money you have itemised in each Budget Mate expense account – the total in this column will equal what is in your bank account.

Edit Budget

Gives you the flexibility to:

  • Adjust your income and budget plan
  • Add and delete expense accounts
  • Transfer excess money from one expense account to another


logs all the information you enter into either your Bank Account or your Credit Card Account – so you can refer back to it at any time.

If you’re ready to free yourself from debt and take control of your money and
your life – try Budget Mate today.